December 2016

We’ve switched toolset to Atlassian Jira which gives us a better planning tool and a better overview. We hope that the new tool will give us a higher productivity as well. Here is a short description of the latest deliverables.

The translation tool has been upgraded and Prooptics Clinic+ is now translated into Serbian. By adding a new language we now know that the translation tool works as planned besides that Prooptics Clinic+ can be introduced in Serbia. It also makes it easier for our development team to evaluate new features and the GUI.

A small change in the journal which now allow both comma ( , ) and point ( . ) as a decimal separator on input.

For security reasons, a user will be logged out automatically when logging in on another client. A user can still be logged in on different tabs on the same client.

Other areas of development are real-time Server-Client communication and changes on the configuration pages.