January 2017

During January we’ve finalized several features and start working on the booking feature which will be one of the main features of Prooptics Clinic+.

Amongst finalized features are push notifications for incoming SMS. All users are now notified when a new text message has arrived. The text message can be answered directly in the notification field or in the customer card.

We’ve added a configuration setting for how many days a journal can be edited after it has been created. After these days the journal can’t be changed and a new journal has to be created.

The booking feature is taking shape and we’ve decided to create a grid page which shows times horizontally and days and resources vertically for a better overview. It may look like this example:


Some changes and improvements to user handling have been implemented. A username will be created automatically when you register a new user together with a default role.

When you create a new shop on a chain level, you can choose which region this shop belongs to or create a new region. If you create a new shop under a specific region, this region will be the default setting.

We’ve mapped the country for a new shop with the language settings which means that language will be set according to where the shop is located. Preferred language can be set for a new user with a fallback to English.

The personal identification number check now supports Swedish and Serbian numbers.