April 2017

The last sprint included an upgrade of booking and appointments. A large part of the upgrade is the layout which has been enhanced with colorized appointments categories for a better overview. You as a customer can also create and maintain the appointment types and choose specific colors for each type. We also extended the right-click menu with more menu options and improved the mouse over information. We’ve also introduced a “Day Text” to be shown on the calendar. This is an optional text you can add, change or remove of your choice.


Another change in the last sprint is the multi-tab feature. This means that a user can have multiple tabs open for different tasks in Prooptics Clinic+ which makes the work much easier when multitasking.


An administrator can now reset a user password by replacing the current password with a new password. When the user logs into Prooptics Clinic+ next time, the user is prompted to change the password. A couple of bugs in the booking feature and user administration have been removed.