A new generation software for optical stores. Prooptics Clinic+ is handling your clients and their clinical data and is designed for those who wish to have a separate ERP / POS system.

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About Prooptics Clinic+

We’re developing the next generation of software for optometrists and opticians.

We focus on client data, booking, clinical data, integration with optical instruments, recall management and optical order registration with integration to the most common suppliers in the branch.

But you need a separate ERP / POS software. Prooptics Clinic+ will be integrated with optional ERP / POS solutions through API.

Prooptics Clinic+ is a cloud-based solution without any need for local infrastructure besides a web browser and an Internet connection. Unless you definitely want to use it as a local instance, because that’s also an option.

We’re on a journey towards the full feature set and every fortnight we add more features and options to our software. We will continuously update the information on this website.

If you want to contact us, please use the contact form below or send us an e-mail to info@prooptics.com. Already interested in a demo? Book a demo here.

Main features

Main features already in place!


Extensive journal – specialized for optical stores

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Powerful, user-friendly and flexible search options

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An easy way to send SMS/text is a key for excellent customer service

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Book an appointment couldn’t be easier

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Document archive

Easy access to all kinds of document connected to the customer

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An advanced lens order module with a user-friendly interface

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Staff planning

The staff planning is showing the working hours for all employees in each store.

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Other features

Other features already in place!

Client data

Excellent client data overview and immediate access to related data

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Shortcut access

Direct access to important functions

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Access rights

Flexible and customizable access rights configuration

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Prooptics Clinic+ is available for all configurations

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High data quality

Automatic reminders and pre-formatting data input

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Multi language support

Shops in different countries? Separate language for different users? No problem!

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GDPR compliant

Prooptics Clinic+ is GDPR compliant

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Upcoming features

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Automatic recall

Instrument integration


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